Top 3 Online Dating Sites

Online dating has come a long way in a relatively short time period. In the past, the online dating options available to singles or for people in open relationships were fewer and further between.

Free online dating options were often either highly sketchy, putting your identity and privacy at risk, or simply did not have the membership numbers to give you a worthwhile experience.

Today, Mobile phone apps and sites have changed the game thanks to massive databases of loyal, active date-seekers providing plenty of options to choose. That means if you’re looking for like-minded individuals, you won’t have to work very hard or very far.

Here are the top 3 online dating site. Now, you just have to find the right dating site or app to sign up for.

3. EliteSingles

EliteSingles is one of the US’ leading dating services for singles looking for a serious relationship.

The site has 65,000 new members join per week globally and they boast that they are responsible for creating an average of 2,000 new couples each month in more than 20 countries.

Users of EliteSingles are more likely to be academics with more than 80% having a university degree. So perfect for those for a preference for the more intellectual folks.

The site is a matchmaker service, suggesting matches based on an in-depth personality survey that EliteSingles uses to spot highly compatible matches.

This is important as the site targets only those individuals who seeking a serious relationship.

Special Features:

“Big Five” Personality Dimension Analysis

EliteSingles use a “Big Five” Personality Dimension test to check compatibility between users, which is similar to other matchmaking sites.

But in this situation, you can see your match’s results to understand their personality more. This provides insight into your match’s personality.

However, protects their privacy by not showing the real answers to the questions that drive the personality survey.

Member Structure:-

  • Members:- 5,000,000 from USA
  • Members activity:- 900,000 active weekly

2. is one of the oldest online dating sites around and has a large number of members to choose from.

If you’re a paying member of and you don’t find your perfect match in 6 months, they will give you an additional 6-month membership for free.

That’s why is a winner in the online dating world.

They claim that have produced more marriages and relationships than any other online dating site! Check it out here!

Most users are qualified by how many pics they provide – some them even have 20+ pictures to cruise through!

Due to this reason, it’s easy to tell fake profiles from real profiles, although there are not too many fake profiles in the first place.

Signing Up:-

Sign up and profile creation on is really simple and easy. You are guided through the process, only three steps which makes it simple to build out your complete profile.

Step 1. “About You”

Step 2. “About your date”

Step 3. “Describe in your own words” has a subtle sign-up process and profile build process which means that members have usually filled out the information of their profile so they are informative in assessing if you will likely be the best match.

  • Members :- 2,500,000 from USA (100,000 active weekly)

Profiles also show what a member is looking for in a match and highlights where your characteristics and preferences are compatible or not to make it even easy to assess if that individual will be a good match.

Special Features:-

  1. Rate Your Matches

Matching is based on your profile preferences and how you interact with others and on the site, including rating the potential matches given to you.

2. Match Guarantee is very confident in their service that they offer a guarantee with their 6 months paid memberships.

If you don’t find somebody within 6 months and have made a genuine attempt at finding somebody, they will give 6 months additional membership for free.

Basic Plans:-

  • 3 Months:- 12.99 USD / Month :- 38.97 USD
  • 6 Months:- 9.99 USD / Month :- 59.94 USD
  • 12 Months:- 7.99 USD / Month :- 95.88 USD

1. eHarmony

eHarmony was launched in 2007 in the USA and claim that eHarmony has been responsible for over 11,000 marriages. Also, thousands of relationships and babies during this time.

Their sophisticated matching system and compatibility testing questions use a personality survey and profile information to introduce users to highly compatible members that they believe will result in a successful match.

Internationally eHarmony shows big statistics to verify that their system works with an average of 438 eHarmony members marrying every day in the United States as a result of being matched on the site.

eHarmony is a matchmaking system which shows suggested matches based on your personality survey and profile settings.

But, It does not allow you to browse or search for other users, so it is a bit hard to assess the age range of members.

Signing Up:

Sign up on eharmony is easy as you guided through the process. But it takes some time to sign up than other sites due to personality questions.

But it is worth spending time than getting a random annoying match.

After answering a few basic questions such as age, location, marital status, children and sexual preferences.

You then run through the personality survey question by question asking to rate how well words describe you. Words like clever, affectionate, generous, stable.

The answers to all of these questions will help to determine your personality traits and match you with other people that share similar traits that would likely result in an ideal successful match.

eHarmony profiles are very detailed and contain great information to begin getting to know your matches.

You will find all information about their likes and dislikes, what they consider their best lifestyles.

Like how they spend their leisure time, how their friends would describe them etc.

All of this info is useful to help with starting meaningful conversations with your ideal matches which will make communication even better.

eHarmony is a simple and easy site to navigate and their communication features work very well.

Updating your profile and making contact with other users is easy and very user-friendly.

Costs and Prices:

  • 1 Month: 59.95 USD / Month
  • 6 Months: 39.95 USD / Month
  • 12 Months: 18.95 USD / Month
  • 24 Months: 9.95 USD / Month

Special Features:


This is the best and unique feature that I have not seen offered by any other dating sites. It appears to care very deeply about the safety and security of its users online.

Paid members can access the SecureCall function which allows members to set up a call with an ideal match without revealing any personal information at any point.

Members can chat with their matches very securely and even arrange to meet up without providing their personal contact number.

Book of You

eHarmony’s Book of You is a detailed analysis of your personality that you receive after completing the Relationship Questionnaire to complete your profile.

The Book of You will give you an in-depth understanding of yourself that could be your secret weapon in the dating world.

Understanding your personality traits and what traits are compatible with you will help you find out who is a perfect match for you and how to build a successful relationship with that individual.


eHarmony is the best matchmaker service that is perfect for singles new to online dating and especially for those seeking a serious relationship or to gets married.

The in-depth knowledge that you get from their personality survey will provide you understand what traits describe you and what type of life partner you would be most compatible with.

Their sophisticated matching system gives you a head start in finding a lover for a successful relationship.

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