How to Get a Boyfriend: Tips for Shy Girls

Are you single and shy? Here are a few tips and strategies to help the shyest of girls regarding how to get boyfriend.

(Hint: Use your friends. And always smile through the awkwardness.)


Let your best friends and trusted family members know that you’re looking to date. Be open to setups — at least you’ll be going on a date with somebody who comes with references.

Your friends likely know individuals you don’t, and, in some cases, might have some great insight into who would be a great match for you.

It doesn’t hurt to try, right?

Consider hosting a dinner party. Ask each of your guests to bring somebody you don’t know.

You’ll be increasing your social circle within the comfort of your own residence.

Even if the party doesn’t result in a date, you’ll be honing your small-talk skills and charm.

Recruit a wing woman, somebody who will attend singles’ events with you or give you pep talks when you’re feeling down about the dating game.

If you recognize you’re getting to would like encouragement, line it up in advance.

Let this individual know what you’re looking for so she can hold you accountable as you process your dates together.


Confidence is key.

Shyness, sadly, will usually disguise itself as disinterest, insecurity or arrogance.

Make a conscious effort to smile and build eye contact once you meet new folks or spot a cute stranger at a cafe.

Be aware of your body language and try to look more approachable. As this will likely take practice, challenge yourself to engage with strangers on a regular basis like at the coffee shop, in the cafeteria, at a business meeting.

Instead of dressing to impress other people, dress to give yourself a confidence boost. Wear what makes you feel great.


Getting out doesn’t need to mean that joining singles clubs or a series of blind dates.

Meet new individuals by taking up a hobby or language up for class.

You’re more likely to meet like-minded folks if you’re doing what you love, plus the pressure’s off like even if you don’t meet Mr. Right there, you’re enjoying yourself and advancing an ability.

And if you do meet somebody, you’ll immediately have something in common to chat about.


Online dating can be dating lifeline for a shy girl.

When you create your profile, justify that you’re typically shy initially.

Worthy potential suitors will see this and understand they’ll need to initiate the first contact.

While you’re online, consider a little mild cyber-stalking. Look up a crush on Facebook and make sure he’s single first like a post or two, or offer a cute comment. A short online chat might translate into in-person chit-chat the next time you run into one another.


Spend more time in your own head? Put that time to better use. Understand what you want, appreciate, need, and can’t stand in relationships. Reflect on past relationships and determine what you want to happen in a different way next time around. Lookout healthy relationships around you and take mental notes. Make your introversion work for you.


You’ve been set up on a date by your best friend. If you’re not sure what to talk about then small talk might not be a strong suit. Focus on those things you do and love.

Your face can light up once you’re talking about the things you’re most enthusiastic.

Let him get to know the real personality of yours.


Nervous about your first date? Keep in mind that you simply don’t have anything to lose. Not each date has to cause lasting love.

It’s simply coffee and a chance to meet somebody new and to hone your dating skills.

Be yourself. The old adage is true. Be honest with your dates. Shyness isn’t something to be ashamed of. Laugh at yourself. Talk about your interests. Give yourself permission to be quiet.

You don’t ought to suddenly be the life of the party. Listen to him. Give him your attention. And respond honestly and warmly. You’ll be fine.

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