15 Signs of an Unhappy Person Hidden Behind a Happy Smile

We always want our loved ones to be happy, but when everybody says, “I’m fine,” it can be difficult to tell what’s up. Now the main question is, what are the signs of an unhappy person?

We all want to help our friends and family members be as happy as they can be.

But when you don’t know the signs of an unhappy person, how are you supposed to support or just know when to be there?

You may even be unhappy yourself, but could be in such denial that you don’t understand it.

The first step to being happier is to learn about the signs of an unhappy person. Once you see it, you can move forward.

Why an unhappy person is hard to find

You may think that realizing when a loved one is unhappy should be relatively simple and easy.

But once folks are upset, frustrated, or simply feeling mediocre, they have a tendency to not show it off.

How many times have you felt down yet still told everybody you were fine. No one wishes to be a burden or air their dirty laundry.

You can be unhappy due to personal problems, mental illness, money, your job, and the list goes on.

But like many people, those emotions are often bottled up so that you can put a happy face on.

But, even with all that effort to looks okay, unhappiness tends to sneak out in different ways.

Some personality traits or behaviors are signs of an unhappy person.

You just have to be aware of them in your life or somebody else’s in order to point it out and hopefully move forward.

15 signs of an unhappy person

What a downer, huh? It is easy to notice a happy person usually. You know them when you look at them.

They give off a real and even calming vibe. But the signs of an unhappy person may be simply missed.

Everything from having a bad day to being clinically depressed can hide behind these actions and behaviors, so keep looking.

1. Insecurity.

Somebody who is insecure and lacks confidence may not be entirely unhappy.

Self-esteem problems can carry into every aspect of life and spread unhappiness around.

An insecure person who struggles with their appearance may be more nervous about a job interview or dating.

That can make them not wanting to speak up in a meeting or draw attention to themselves. We all have our insecurities. It is normal.

But, if you notice you or somebody in your life constantly struggling with insecurities and it negatively affects life, they may very well be an unhappy person.

2. Angst.

Imagine how you were when you were 14 or so.

There is a good chance you hated the world around you, didn’t want to talk to other people, and just always expected the worst.

An unhappy person shows their unhappiness onto the world and everybody around them.

3. Irritability.

Again, teenagers go through many issues and tend to be irritable, but as we get older we tend to be a bit better at holding back in stressful or annoying situations.

Somebody who is unhappy may find it difficult to control themselves in times like these.

A sign of an unhappy person would be snapping at somebody for a small indiscretion or mistake or constantly being annoyed.

4. Indifference.

Unhappiness is a bad feeling, so in order to avoid feeling it, most people try to stop caring.

Unhappy folks may answer every question with, “I don’t know,” or, “I don’t care.”

By not putting any meaning on things, somebody who is unhappy prevents themselves from being even more disappointed.

5. Disconnect.

Similarly to feeling indifferent, they may disconnect themselves from the world around them.

They cancel every plan, avoid seeing or talking to other people.

They may want to dwell alone or they don’t want other people to ask how they are.

If somebody pushes you away and you cannot think of a logical reason for it, they may be begging for comfort silently.

6. Lack of effort.

You know how after a long day you don’t have the energy to make dinner so you plop on the sofa in your work clothes, order dinner, and just sit there until you fall asleep?

Well, stretch that out into daily life. A sign of an unhappy person is a constant lack of effort with everything from work, to diet, to exercise, or even normal cleaning.

7. Fear.

We all have a little bit of fear about our futures, failure, etc.

But somebody who is unhappy already feels down, so they are in a position where the fear takes over them and gets the best of them.

They are afraid to live their normal life to the fullest and take risks. They only look at the bad things that could happen, not all the wonderful ones.

Somebody who is happy, on the other hand, would be hopeful for a positive outcome when taking a risk.

8. Jealousy.

Jealousy is a bad look on everybody, but very often it is not from a place of hatred or anger, it just looks that way.

Many times jealously comes from a person who is unhappy with themselves.

It’s like a grade school bully. They don’t have control in their daily lives so instead of focusing on that, they put other people down for being different.

An adult who is sad with their position at work or the actual fact that they’re single may unfold rumors a couple of coworkers that’s up for a promotion or complain about their happily married friends out of bitterness.

9. Need to stay busy.

Although few people that are unhappy roll back on work and socializing, other people try to stay as busy as possible.

They want to surround themselves with other people so they are constantly distracted from their unhappiness.

It can be hard for somebody who is unhappy to be alone, even just overnight.

So if you have someone that is constantly out and about, they might be overcompensating.

10. Lack of fulfillment.

Somebody constantly wanting more or expecting more from their life will never be happy.

And if you know somebody feeling unfulfilled with their job or home life but isn’t doing anything to change it, they are likely unhappy.

11. Excessive drinking.

Oftentimes you just get little nuts. Maybe your team won the Super Bowl otherwise you got engaged.

However, if heavy drinking is turning into a daily routine, not only is unhappiness seemingly the solution however if it isn’t dealt with soon, it can become a major problem.

If you have realized yourself or a friend drinking more than usual, say something. Offer or ask for help or support.

Drinking to numb the pain of unhappiness may feel good at that moment, but in a long time, even by the next day, it does more harm than good.

12. Chronic fatigue or pain.

Yes, chronic pain and fatigue can be due to real medical conditions.

If you see some of these other signs of an unhappy person along with somebody always saying that they are tired or in pain that can be another sign.

13. Weight gain or loss.

Once again, noticeable weight gain or weight loss in a small time period can be a sign of a medical issue.

However, it can also be a sign of unhappiness when combined with other signs on this list.

14. Judgmental.

Somebody constantly looking down on others or is close-minded is likely unhappy.

Somebody who fears being judged by others may judge as a defense mechanism.

15. Always waiting.

People that are happy don’t wait for good things, they make them happen. If they want a better job, they go and look for it.

But, somebody who is unhappy may dwell in their unhappiness. They are waiting for happiness to find them.

May complain about their normal life, their job, or their relationship, but they never do anything to change their daily life.

They are simply continuously waiting for something to happen to them.

These are all major signs of an unhappy person. Being able to tell if you or a friend is unhappy is the best way to make happiness that much more attainable.

Please keep in mind that, you are not a therapist. If you think a friend is in a hard situation, offer to listen, but always seek advice from a licensed professional.

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