How to Get the Proposal You Want… Without Asking (Guest post)

What happens when you meet somebody, fall in love, and think you’ve finally found your true love?

It’s all supposed to happily fall into place where he gets down on one knee and asks the question, right? Well, what if he doesn’t?

That’s what happened to me when, after years of heartbreak over the wrong person, I met the right one.

Unlike the person who had gone in and out of my life, I met a person who wooed me and pursued me like no other.

We fell in love. I thought everything was right on track to my happily ever after, so I moved in with that person. I thought everything was set, and that the proposal was a sure thing.

Then everything came to a screeching halt when that individual told me he “wasn’t ready.”

Yet I was able to turn things around and quickly without playing any games. I simply ignited a natural desire to commit to me.

Here’s however I did it, and the way once the time comes you’ll be able to, too.


I can clearly remember the night my then my love told me he needed more time before proposing.

It was New Year’s Eve, and that i had thought this was the night.

But rather than a hoop, I got the “I’m not ready” speech.

Immediately, I was thrown into a spiral of confusion and panic. I wasn’t sure what to do. Should I move out? Should I break up?

I had waited so long for this moment, and now I felt very powerless to make anything happen.

It was as if my sexual activity was happening to ME, and I had no control over how anything turned out.


Then something I realized, at that moment, that I was caught up in fear of losing him…

but what about him losing me? What about ME losing me?

I realized that I could end up wasting weeks living with a man and being exclusive with him while essentially cutting myself off from other opportunities and the commitment I needed.

I conjointly saw that I had placed all my hopes and dreams during this one man which doing therefore hadn’t gotten ME the safety I required with him.

So I told him that “I love you, and I wish you to take as much time as you want.

But while you’re takining decision, you can’t have me all to yourself.” It wasn’t manipulation nor an ultimatum.

It was a way of taking care of myself and doing for myself what I needed to do.


I had been very focused on what He wanted, and I decided to redirect all that energy to myself.

So I went away by ME that weekend and did just that. I reconnected with myself, and, in doing so reminded ME that I had a life outside of him.

When I came back to our place, my vibe had completely changed. Now, I was concentrated on doing things that pleased ME.

However, I was once again the woman he originally fell in love with, because I was a woman who made ME more important than him. And that’s incredibly attractive to a man.

He sees that you don’t depend on him for your happiness, and it takes an enormous amount of pressure off him.

It draws him in, magnetically. He becomes mesmerized by you, and he wants to be part of that.

That’s what happened with my now husband.Two weeks when telling ME he wasn’t prepared, he was proposing to me.

What had I done? Nothing however prompt him of who i used to be – while not him.

My new passion for myself woke him up to the very fact that he wasn’t the sole man I may have a life with.

And, with that, he determined he’d higher do one thing to form certain I selected him. We’ve been married for over 20 years since.

The commitment process starts from the moment you meet a man.

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