13 Relationship Lessons From The F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

We all love watching Tv Series. These series come in multiple genres and almost everybody has a favorite.

Yet, some of them are constantly in everyone’s favorite list and one of those is F.R.I.E.N.D.S. It lasted for a total of ten seasons and this is because how popular it was and still is.

Though FRIENDS was a show in the comedy genre, it taught us so many things about life and relationships.

The relationships that the characters of FRIENDS were involved in only made us envious of them.

So here are some of the lessons that we learned about relationships from the F.R.I.E.N.D.S!

1. Try to avoid repeating the same mistakes

The characters in the FRIENDS were really consistent when it came to doing something.

Even during their relationships, they were very consistent when making mistakes.

Chandler kept dating Janice and would have hooked up with Janice even more if he was not into a relationship with Monica. Rachel also hooks up with Paolo and Barry.

This caused a lot of problems in their current relationship.

Repeating the same relationship mistakes brought distances between the two which was bad for either.

2. Don’t end up in a box

When Joey and Kathy dated, Chandler, who was stops impressed with Kathy, did a lot of stuff to only say hi to her, but what was unexpected was how he kissed her while she was seeing Chandler’s friend, Joey.

This is vital to clarify mutual love affections or begin looking for somebody else to feel for.

3. Being clear about what a “Break” is

FRIENDS is quite long. Ten seasons is a very big storyline, but some sources say that the series could have been over six seasons shorter only if Rachel and Ross were clear about what a “break” was all about.

Rachel had asked for a break during the fight they were having, which Ross misunderstood to having ice cream. Rachel actually wanna take a break from the relationship though.

Ross misinterpreted it again only to sleep with the girl from the Xerox store.

It’s better to be completely clear about the break that you want in your relationship so that these mistakes are not made.

4. Keeping secrets is not very easy

One of the best moments of the show is from the time when Chandler and Monica kept their relationship a secret from others.

They went to extremes to keep it a secret, and during this time, the funniest moments happened, like Monica hiding underwater when they were interrupted during a bubble bath and what not.

This taught us that keeping a relationship secret for whatever the reason is, it’s a very difficult job.

5. The Exes show up at the most unexpected times

Exes come in front of you at a time when you are totally over them. In the most unexpected moments.

When Chandler was over Janice, she came up in front of him unexpectedly, and unintentionally, only making things worse for Chandler.

This is however it’s, and the show has taught us to deal with it.

6. Everybody has a different way of moving on

The characters dealt with their breakups in different ways. Ross and Rachel were too compulsive when they went through a breakup.

Chandler mourned, and one among its stages concerned him progressing to a strip club. Joey didn’t mourn.

This shows how everybody deals with it differently.

7. It’s the connection that matters

In the final episode of the show, Rachel leaves to Paris to work for Louis Vuitton, but Ross wants her to stay and insists her to do so.

Rachel explains why she wants to go, and how it was the best job in the world.

When Ross returns to his place, he gets a voicemail from Rachel, which said that she will stay, and is not going to Paris.

This tells us that no matter where we go in life, the connection shall never be sacrificed.

8. Taking the right name at the altar

This epic moment when Ross takes the name of Rachel instead of Emily while vowing in his wedding is the most shocking one.

It is a lesson that we have a tendency to should observe the proper name before taking it at the altar.

9. Being on the same page is important

Richard and Monica were in love, and there would be no one who’d leave Richard for he had everything a girl would aspire for.

However just because they were not on the same page in their lives, they broke up.

This is among the difficult lessons that the series taught us.

10. Complicated Relationships

The series had perfectly depicted the complications in a relationship.

No other show of its kind has been this specific, and practical.

It shows us how complicated relationships are and still, you can deal with it.

11. Playing games doesn’t make you a winner

The gameplay of the show, Rachel played dating games with several characters of the show.

But yet, all that we have a tendency to learn that it’s a waste of your time.

Instead, “Hey! How are you doing?” makes one more obliged to see you.

12. The Worst Person might be yours

When Joey and Rachel were with each other, none of us liked it. They were the worst people for one another and we have to admit it.

Yet, they realized it sooner or later and understand their experiences. It’s normal, and this happens to all of us.

13. Your Ex can be your best friend

Rachel and Ross broke up their relationship because Ross cheated on her.

Yet they removed the sexual attraction between themselves and remained friends. Their friendship gave us friendship goals.

Eventually, they ended up with each other. Your ex can actually be your best friend.

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