Why You Need to Learn To Talk Dirty with your lover?

Dirty talking in the bedroom can be a great thing for couples if done right. But it can also take its toll on the relationship if you not kept in check. This post is about the sexy side of dirty talking in bed and its ugly side too.

Once you’ve understood about dirty talking in bed, you can see that it can have a major positive effect on your sexual life.

Most couples claim they’re very intimate and loyal to one another.

They say they don’t hide any secrets and just aren’t attracted to anybody else other than their lover.

Now maybe few people never get attracted to anybody other than their lover, or perhaps they’ve trained their mind and thoughts to stay away from straying.

But stopping yourself from getting attracted to someone other than your lover is just unhealthy and can be quite boring for sex life too.

After all, you groom yourself and try to look attractive to get the attention of the opposite sex.

On the other hand, getting attracted to other people other than your lover. And attracting good looking people of the opposite sex can boost your certainty and sex appeal, which in turn can make you enjoy a better sexual relationship with your lover.

Where are we going here? Right to the bottom of the point about dirty talking in the bedroom.

The sexy part of dirty talking

Getting attracted to someone is natural, and it’s not something that you should feel guilty about.

When you indulge in dirty talking in the bedroom and fantasizing about one another’s sexual interests. You’re only admitting that you do get attracted to somebody of the opposite sex.

It’s a lot better than quietly having sex, while your mind’s wandering all over some other folk’s naked body.

A lot of couples pretend like fantasizing about somebody else or dirty talking in bed about somebody’s crush is just terrible and can lead to a break-up.

But hey, if you can think about having sex with somebody in your mind, isn’t that just as wrong? And won’t the guilt just build up over the few days, weeks, months or even years?

Dirty talking in bed about your crush or your lover’s secret sexual crush will help both of you get over the awkwardness of getting attracted to somebody else. And will help both of you open up sexually to each other and accept that you can be attracted to somebody else.

But just because you think it doesn’t mean you have to have sex with anybody you have a crush on, right?

Using the dirty talk in bed, you can actually remove the guilt of thinking about somebody else. And share your intimate fantasies with your lover, which can be a huge turn on and an intimacy builder.

The ugly part of dirty talking in bed

Yeah, so seems like dirty talking in bed is the sexiest thing on the planet. And is all full of benefits and intimacy building.

But can it ever go wrong? like ever?

Dirty talking in the bedroom has its downsides too. Imagine this situation.

You lie down on a bed. Both of you start necking one another. The moan converts into a low whisper.

You can’t understand much but it’s the low voice of your lover that seduces you to listen harder. You get a grip and you listen carefully. It all starts to make sense now.

You’re being seduced in mysterious ways. Maybe on a beach, while you’re being massaged by a masseur or at a party when you’re totally drunk.

You wanted to make love passionately with your partner, but somewhere along the way, one of you initiate dirty talking in bed to the other one, and one thing leads to another.

Very soon, you’ve got your dirty talking taking over you, and you start to imagine a friend, or a stranger satisfying you more than your lover!

Dirty talking in the bedroom always starts off on a low key. Dirty talking in bed concerning someone else seduces you softly and subtly. And you wouldn’t even notice that you’re being tried in another world, a world that satisfies you more than your lover at times.

It’s a naughty idea that makes you wish it would come true.

At times, you wouldn’t even need your lover to be around, as long as you have that pleasurable thought about seducing somebody else.

This is when you get trapped in your own dark fantasy world of dirty talking in a bedroom!

Thus dirty talking in bed is unhealthy, right?

Nope, dirty talking is not a bad thing. It’s never bad to indulge in thoughts or in a role playing game with words.

But it’s when you really lose yourself in this dream that things turn from good to disturbing!

True, it might be a turn on to imagine both of you in bed with somebody else, and maybe it’s great to imagine watching your partner getting groped by many hands.

But come back on, now really, would you would like to envision that in reality?

It’s this idea that fluctuates in your mind, every now and then. Even as you’re locked in a serpentine coil with your lover.

There is a thin line that can turn that lusty emotion into a really ugly one. Sometimes, a few crude words might slip out, which gets you higher on testosterone.

Once your desirous hormones calm down, the haze clears out and your thinking snaps back to reality, and the same words hit you like a recoil.

Talking about something taboo

If you’ve spoken about something sexual but taboo at the same situation, it might look like a bit of a shock after you’re packed up with sex.

You can’t imagine having indulged in such perverse conversations. You cringe at the idea of something so taboo. Or worse, you start to enjoy the perverse fantasy and can’t get it off your mind.

Now, what do you do?

If you liked the perverse thought, you cleverly bring up the same talk at your next romp.

If you’ve don’t like it, the thought haunts you as you’re passionately having sex with your partner, and you can’t stop thinking about it.

What you enjoy talking about in the bedroom may not really turn on your lover, and may only lead to more frustrations if the line is not drawn.

So no matter how sexy dirty talk can feel while you’re in the bedroom. And no matter how gross or weird you feel after sex, talk about it with your lover.

Laugh about something awkward. Tell your lover you don’t like talking about somebody if it makes you feel uncomfortable. It keeps things simple and yet, exciting.

It can look scary, but these are just precautions of dirty conversation in bed that we should all be aware of.

After all, you can’t just talk about your partner’s brother or father in bed all the time.

Likewise, you can’t be talking about having sex with your partner’s sister or her mother just to stay turned on, right?

You may get turned on by them, but it’s always easier to bring in a new individual once in a while dirty talking in bed, so you don’t get hooked on to one thought while talking in the bedroom.

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