8 Issues that Will Make Your Relationship Stronger

All relationships seem perfect when times are easy. However, few hardships will make your relationship even stronger. Here are 8 of the most normal ones.

Love is that condition in which the happiness of another individual is essential to your own.

This quote rings loud and clear to all couples. Whether you have been together for years or for minutes, being able to prop your lover up and make them smile during difficult circumstances is an unmistakable challenge worth undergoing to become stronger.

Only when a couple going through hardship will the players be able to show if it’s worth sticking it out and working at it.

Forgiveness is an important part when it comes to relationships. Patience, kindness, and understanding, too, play a major role in keeping relationships strong.

This may look very cliché, and you may have heard advice like this 1000 of times before, but there’s plenty of truth to it.

You may not be able to control who you fall in love with, but you sure can control how you go about loving this individual in times of sadness and trouble.

What relationship do issues make relationships better?

Hardship can serve as a wakeup call. Are you with the right individual? Will your partner truly be there through thick and thin? Sickness and health? There’s only one best way to find out.

I, for one, would never wish these troubles on anybody, but if you have the misfortune of going through one or many of the issues given below, the silver lining is that you can understand if the one you’re with is the right one for you.

As detestable as this list is, here are 8 issues that can strengthen your bond as a couple.

1. Financial issues.

Dealing with money issues is a surefire way for you to gauge how strong your relationship is.

Many people run for the hills when their lover is faced with financial ruin.

However, if you and your lover can stick together and get rid of the financial burden as a team, it will undoubtedly make your connection stronger than ever.

2. Infidelity.

Infidelity is not an issue to be played with. Breaking trust and scoffing in loyalty’s face are two issues many folks will not tolerate.

According to research, cheating plays a major role in divorce. It is the third most common reason with 55% of respondents saying infidelity caused their separation.

If you can forgive your lover for straying, there’s no denying that both of you will work very hard to fix things. This, in turn, will help your relationship become stronger.

3. Job loss.

When my lover was laid off, it felt like our whole world was crumbling down on us.

My single earnings weren’t enough to maintain the lifestyle we lived, and we had to make a lot of hard choices… one of which was moving to a smaller house.

The challenges that we faced during those hard months somehow worked out in our favor.

We now know that if we stick with each other and persevere, we can make it work. No matter what. Money may make the world sustainable, but it certainly wasn’t the main factor in our relationship.

Not only did we learn about the importance of saving up for monsoon season because saving for a rainy day just didn’t cut it, but we also understand that you can overcome anything if you have the right support and mentality on the same page.

4. Temporary separation.

Few people look at this as a flailing step that couples take before a divorce, but on the contrary, a separation may just mend the issue you’re facing.

The goal of separation is, of course, to give each other the time and space to sort things out.

Whether it’s rebuilding trust in a relationship, focusing on yourself, or just taking time to figure out what you want. There’s no denying that choosing to undergo a temporary separation may work out in a great way for you.

This is because if you choose to get back with each other, you will appreciate how miserable you were apart. And will realize you can overcome anything.

Of course, you have to set few ground rules before committing to a separation.

For instance, no sleeping around, figuring out a timeframe, who gets the kids and when, and so on.

These rules are created by both of you, so think them through before implementing them.

5. Infertility.

Not every couple who deal with infertility makes it out unscathed. Blame, pain, hurt, grief, and loss are common feeling felt during this journey. Not everybody can learn to become a cohesive couple again.

However, there are few others that emerge stronger than ever. I know a wonderful couple who tried to have a child for 6 years, to no avail.

After many tests, hormonal therapies, and several attempts. They gave up and choose to be a child-free couple.

When I asked someone how infertility affected her marriage, they said, “It has made us stronger than before. I now know what a wonderful man/woman I married, and I would not have been able to go through this pain without him/her. ”

6. Joint assets.

Some individuals may not look at having joint assets as a troubling issue, but there are many who do.

More often than not, this looks like the logical financial step that many couples choose to take once they have established that they want to spend their lives with each other.

7. Illness.

If you and your lover can stick together through a troubling illness, there’s no doubt that your relationship will be stronger than before.

Whether it’s one of you or a loved one who falls sick, being faced with the possibility of losing somebody you love is certainly a terrifying thing.

8. Death.

Whether you and your lover endure a miscarriage or loss of a loved one, such as a child, parent, or friend, there’s no denying that dealing with death is heartbreakingly hard.

You need to give and receive as much support from each other as you can, and if you can emerge from the darkness hand-in-hand, undoubtedly you will be able to endure anything else that comes your way.

There are lots of troubling things that couples go through to become stronger than before.

From the minor issue, such as not remembering to put the toilet seat down, to something major like dealing with a sickness, there’s no doubt these issues will take a lot out of the two you.

However, if you work things out as a couple and offer the support necessary to get through a hard time, your relationship will emerge stronger than ever.

While not all couples go through the misfortune of dealing with these issues above, you can be sure that whatever hardships come in your way, as long as you work through it, you will inevitably be making your relationship better, and your bond stronger.

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