10 Different Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t all about beautiful flowers and romantic dinners.

Sometimes, the simplest things can make your partner awesome!
In a relationship, either you or your partner hate this day or you love it. You love that it is full of love and romance.

You also love that it gets you to celebrate your relationship with your lover. And if you hate this day?

You think it’s a capitalist ploy for businesses to make more bucks. You think it’s overrated as couples can always have a Valentine’s Day every other day.

Why be ordinary when you can be creative on Valentine’s Day?

Whatever you want, you can’t avoid Valentine’s Day. It’s a tradition that is celebrated all over the globe, and if you want to do something special that doesn’t include heart-shaped boxes and chocolates, then this list is made for you.

Here are 10 best out of the box ideas for Valentine’s Day.

1. Find a new best friend.

We all know pets are our best friend. For Valentine’s Day, why don’t you and your lover go to a pet shelter facility and volunteer?

Those cats, dogs or parakeets, will love you for it. And you won’t be able to avoid the look that you will get from those pets wanting to have your hugs and playtime.

Before that, make sure that none of you are allergic to dog fur or cat fur, and that you have contacted a pet shelter to make a plan for a visit.

Some cannot allow walk-in volunteers, but others can. Just think of it like booking reservations for that hotel by the beach.

2. Be the anti-romance.

What’s the opposite of watching romantic movies or dramatic love films on Valentine’s Day? Watching horror films, of course!

The males will thank you for it as they get to breathe throughout the whole movie. As opposed to sleeping through the romantic movie that the female always chooses to watch, this caters to the both of you.

Breaking out of the normal things isn’t bad. But think of this as a selfless act of giving up cheesy, mushy movies and letting in a little bit Halloween spirit as early as February.

Besides that, it gives you better reasons to snuggle and hug your lover, especially when the scene gets dark and scary.

3. Adopt the singles.

You know how this goes. You have a special one, but you also have some single friends.

Spread the love by cooking for all your single friends. Every day is a Valentine’s Day for you with your loved one, so why don’t you arrange a singles party for all those single friends?

Who knows you might even play cupid to few of them? Your friends will love you for it. That’s what Valentine’s is all about.

4. Healthy competition.

You and your lover are always giving and putting one another’s welfare ahead of yours. For a change, why don’t you and your partner get into a healthy competition?

Try to beat one another in video games or board games, in case you are both the indoor kind.

Or if you’re adventurous type then why don’t you head out to a shooting range and try to see who is better? Play one-on-one pool. Or try to race?

The ideas are endless! Just find two things that you are both better at and remove this from the options to have a fair start.

5. Get down and dirty.

Everybody is going to get down and dirty after the sundown. But you and your lover will stay outside to get down and dirty.

Why don’t you guys start off your date with a trek to the mountains and end it with a romantic bonfire as you looking up at the stars?

All the clean outdoor air will make you both feel much better, and the feeling of being under the stars with a fire warming the both of you is sweet enough to be Valentine’s date.

Also, you can have candlelit dinner on the rooftop.

6. Spring clean!

While everybody is out watching movies or having dinner, you and your lover can clean the house.

It’s a good way to bond as you both see one another’s mess, and you get to have an opinion on which stuff stays and which has to go out.

Nothing will connect you more than getting down on fours, scrubbing floors and then showering with each other afterward.

And both of you can reap the benefits of having a clean bedroom, after all that spring cleaning.

7. Opposites attract.

Is your lover the geeky type? Why don’t both of you challenge yourselves to a 100,000 piece puzzle marathon? Or just a 10,000 piece if you don’t have the entire day.

Or how about you try go-karting because your lover wants to be a professional go-kart driver, even though you said no to it many times?

Being selfless and letting your lover do something that they will love is also worth considering this coming Valentine’s Day, especially if you don’t enjoy.

Take turns every Valentine’s day to pick out what activity you’ll be trying out, just to make things fair.

8. The heart of the matter.

Valentine’s Day is all about hearts, about giving and loving.

Why don’t you and your lover spend your day volunteering at the pediatric ward, especially in cancer and cardiology areas where mortality is high?

Your hearts will melt with all the love these children will give you, and you will not only feel good about yourself but it will also bring you and your lover closer to one another.

9. Playhouse.

Get to release your inner mommas and poppas while playing with orphan children in a shelter.

You will see how much they need you to be there for those children.

You will even be shocked at how fast the kids connect with you, even though you’ve only stayed there for a couple of moments.

This can help you envision yourselves as parents.

10. It’s still another day.

The truth is Valentine’s Day is just an ordinary day of your life. But having somebody to share it with, that’s extraordinary.

It’s not every normal day that you have the joys of having a someone special who cares about you more than anything in the world. So cherish it while you have it.

However, it’s true that Valentine’s Day only comes once a year. It doesn’t always have to be that way.

You can celebrate it every normal day with your lover or your friends or family. Just don’t forget that this day is all about spreading the love!


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