How To Turn A Man On While Texting

Is your partner getting flirty? Why not text him something spicy that makes him beg for more? But first, Understand how to turn a man on while texting.

You don’t need to write them a sexting essay. In fact, there are few ways to sext your partner with or without words.

So, if you’re a newbie at sexting, here is a list of some ways to develop your skills without looking like a first-timer.

How to turn a man on while texting

Sexting is the best way to get your imagination going and playfully tease your partner.

Here are a few ways to become a sexting pro.

1. It’s not an everyday thing.

It loses its charm if you’re sexting each day. Not that you don’t turn him on, you do, but you should using sexting as a way to tease your partner and make him run home to you.

I would suggest using it every day, use it as a way to shock or surprise him.

Eventually, if you do this daily, you and your partner will not find the excitement in it anymore.

2. Don’t always be naughty.

You’re might be thinking sexting is all about being naughty, which is a normal assumption, but it doesn’t always need to be naughty.

You don’t have to send him a nude or tell him all the dirty details.

Though he’ll expect that, he’ll be even more shocked and surprised when you play nice instead.

3. Show a little boob.

They’re just boobs for you. but for him, they’re heavenly pillows. If your goal is to sext, sending a boob pic is a 100% sure way to hit the target.

All men are visual, so if you send him a full body or boob shot, he’ll be drooling.

turn a man on

Just make sure you’re sending it to somebody you trust, or better yet, keep your face out of it.

4. Get burlesque.

Though boob and body pics are naughty, you can add a few mysteries by taking pics with your clothes on.

Gasp! I know! Take a pic of your hand around your neck, with your teeth biting your finger or a pic of your cleavage.

To look sexy You don’t need to be naked. I mean, when you first met, you were most likely clothed… Right?.

5. Try to keep the sext short.

If you’re wondering how to turn him on while texting, start by keeping your sexts short. Nobody likes to read an essay when they’re horny.

This isn’t a notebook so keep your sext relatively short. That way they can read it fast and have time to imagine it.

If your sext is long, they’ll spend more time reading it than touching themselves.

6 .Use details and descriptions.

Your inner writer can come out now. Use many detail and description.

You want him to be able to visualize you what he’s doing to you or what you’re doing to him.

Think of it like you’re explaining sex to somebody who’s a virgin. For instance, I want your hands to go up my skirt, feeling your way up my thigh.

7. Let him know what turns you on.

However you’re getting him turned on, this is the best chance to show him what turns you on.

When you’re sexting tells what you want him to do to you.

This is the best and simplest way to get them to do it. Like they’re not going to forget that.

8. Make sure you’re having fun.

If you’re just sexting to pass the time and you’re not enjoying it, then why bother?

However, if it’s turning you on and you’re getting off on sexting, then go for it.

But you shouldn’t be sexting him if it’s not turning you on. You should want to want to do it in the first place.

9. Remember, the wrong time is the right time.

Yeah. Timing is everything when it comes to knowing how to turn him on while texting him.

So, if he’s in a meeting or at the doctor’s office, why not sext him? He’ll feel so dirty.

However, he’ll be all over it. Is it wrong to have a boner at the doctor’s office? Yes. It is. Or when he’s near the fax machine? Absolutely.

10. Use porno clips.

If you don’t feel like sexting him by using words, why not use a porno clip to show what you want to do to him?

It’s maybe a position you two haven’t tried before. Not only is it simple to send a clip, but it’ll also get his mind going 100 miles secs.

Trust me, you won’t see anybody coming home faster than him.

11. No emojis.

We are not in school right now. Emojis have no place in a sext.

I don’t want to see you put a happy emoji or a thinking emoji at the end of any sentence. Keep them out of your sext.

You will ruin your sext by using an emojis.

12. No lol-ing or haha-ing.

I know that people are using ‘lol’ instead of ‘ok’. But why would you be sexting ‘ok’ to him?

There’s nothing funny thing about him entering your vagina, so, no need for haha.

Unless, of course, there are few inside jokes you two have. At the end of the day, you want to keep the sext naughty.

13. Request.

Rather than him telling you what he wants, do the opposite. You’re going to text him a request.

It’s not what you’d love to do, it’s what will actually happen.

Use something like, “I want you to come,” “You’re going to fuck me hard tonight,” or “I want you to _ my _.” Tonight,you’re in charge and he’s going to love it.

turn on

14. Give him a choice.

You can ask him with a question that he’ll have to choose from. This gets his imagination going far away.

He’ll think about all doing these things with you.

Sext him like would you like ME to spank you hard or run my nails down your back. He won’t be able to choose between them, just wait and watch.

15. Compliment him.

Everybody loves compliments especially when it’s related to sexual skills.

So, give him a few compliments of things that he does to you that you enjoy.

Say something like, I just love it when you fuck me from a back or you make me wet when I look at you or you feel so good inside of me. This makes him feel like he’s the man and that he’s pleasing you.

16. Memory lane.

You can use previous memories in your sext. Like, remember that weekend in Paris when we were in the hot tub.

Yeah, he remembers all. Trust me on that. That’s the best way to get his mind going. So, you can always begin a sext with using a sexual memory.

how to turn a man on

17. Talk about your fantasy.

Now, whether or not you would do this in real life is a different kind of story. But for your sext, you can talk about your deepest and most sexual fantasies.

Like, I’m picturing me with another woman while you watch or I want your dick deep in my ass. Whatever it is that is your ultimate fantasy, tell him.

18. When you don’t know what to say.

If he says sexts a reply back to you and you don’t know what to reply, there are few basic lines you can use to keep the conversation going further.

However, if you don’t reply, that’s not good right?…

So, when you don’t know what to reply, say, “That really turns me on,”…or… “That makes me so wet,”…or… “What else would you do me?”…or… “I want you so badly right now.”

Use any of these lines whenever you blank out and you’ll be in the clear.

19. Keep your lingo casual.

If you want to know how to turn him on while texting, use the exact same words that you would normally use for body parts.

If you never say dick, don’t text him using the words dick. You normally call his dick, “penis” or “cock” use those terms instead.

20. It doesn’t have to be vulgar.

Many people think of dirty text, you have to be vulgar while sexting.

Actually, you don’t. You don’t have to use a sext that’s so explicit even pornos won’t use it.

You can use whatever words you feel comfortable with and still be sexual. So, go with your comfort flow.

21. Sneak peek.

Sexting doesn’t have to be full of description of what you want to do.

I mean, normally, it is, but you can send whatever you want with sexting.

There’re no limitations. So, if you don’t feel comfortable going full out, you can give him a sneak peek.

This is more playful and will have him guessing all the time.

Try something like, I have a surprise for you tonight…or… I want you to take off your clothes when you get inside the house…or… I’m going to make you come so hard tonight.

So just relax and enjoy with sexting. Don’t take it very seriously because either way, when you learn how to turn him on while texting, he’ll love it.

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