5 Pieces of Advice for Indie Authors

By Mims the Words

I’ve been freelancing and helping indie authors and publishers with various aspects of their work for over six years.

Often times it was as a beta reader, but more recently it’s been marketing and planning book launches. I get to be picky, and my advice is often met with disappointment. They want everything to be perfect, and in their minds it usually is.

Indie authors can be sensitive, it’s actually part of their charm. They have the capacity to feel so much for what they do with their time.

When I was in the corporate world, I could care less about the spreadsheets and databases I spent days creating.

Indie authors, particularly, feel passionate about what they do. This is my best advice to indie authors.

Some will not take it, but the ones that do will be at a significant advantage.Untitled design

I’m not going to say you need to have an editor, but for the love of God at least run your manuscript through spellcheck and editing software. I’ve seen some janky ass shit. I am very forgiving of the common mistakes I see indie authors making, but they should be rare.

Do not rush. You’re not a barista! Write the first draft, and do it quickly. Then slowly revise and refine.

Google writing tips. Seriously. Follow them. You will be told to cut words like ‘that’ and adverbs. Do it. Become cruel and heartless with your manuscript.

Do not over or under use your thesaurus. If you do not understand this, you did not Google writing tips like I said.

Do not rely on friends and family exclusively to beta read. Some are too nice. Others are too harsh. Find people that regularly read your genre. They don’t have to have perfect grammar or be particularly refined, but they should be the type that would pick up your book in a bookstore.

I could put 50 bullet points here, but I want you to focus on the ones that matter most. My next installment will be geared more towards advice regarding publishing after you’ve completed your manuscript.

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