How to Get Many Matches on Tinder

If you have Tinder in your phone and your aim on Tinder is to get matches, you may be frustrated by not being able to get quality matches.

There are several ways to increase the chances and get more people to swipe you in the right direction.

By taking extra steps to change something in your profile and choosing the right pictures, you’ll be able to get as many matches you want.

That might sound counter-intuitive, but you still need to appeal to the many, even if you are only looking for one very special person.

Tinder ranks your profile on the basis of popularity and if your score is very low, almost no one will get to see your profile.

You have to appear generally attractive enough to gain a decent score in Tinder’s ranking system while appealing to the certain type of people you want to meet. Remember, attractiveness is not limited to beauty.

Selecting the Right Profile Pictures

You have to choose good quality photos.

On swipe based dating apps such as Tinder, your main profile picture is the single most important thing about your profile. It will turn your likes into super likes.

Most people swipe without opening profiles. So your first picture is simply not allowed to be the weak link.


  • Everyone looks better in a black and white picture. Try using black-and-white photos for your first one or two photos in your profile.
  • Be careful when posting ultra-high resolution photos. Sometimes they capture skin imperfections and other issues that could turn people off.
  • An attractive headshot should serve as your main profile picture. Mostly, people won’t take a chance on someone who’s hiding their face or doing something goofy.
  • Don’t use too many filters.
  • Don’t Use mirror selfies.

A Good Bio

Don’t stress too much over your bio.

It’s just way to let people know something about yourself without being too polarizing. Even just a joke or an icebreaker question is enough.

Give them a small glimpse of your personality but don’t go overboard. Let them get to know you in future conversation.

Rest assured, if you are getting half as many matches as you could, it totally depends on your pictures, not your profile text. But don’t leave that space blank! especially when you just created your profile.

People might swipe left if you skip the bio section.

Just as not having anything in your bio will hurt you, having too much info will also hurt you.



By providing too much, you’ll provide matches with information that might lead them to move on. Tinder has a 500-word limit.

Try to come under that limit. Anywhere between 100 and 300 words are good.

Humor is an excellent tool to put some matches at ease and to get them to swipe right. You might also make them smile.

If you already have an account, and you’re looking for new ways to optimize, resetting your account may get you the results you’re looking for much.


What do you think? Would you like to add something? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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