6 Ways TO SEDUCE a Guy & make him crazy

Seducing a person can appear to be an outlandish deterrent, particularly in case you’re not comfortable with great being a tease and seduction methods.

While I cover flirting in detail here, these tips will teach you everything you need to know about seducing a guy.

These steps may not suitable for everybody in every situation so read them all carefully and follow all the ones that you feel will work for you.

If there is such a thing as the art of seduction, no one becomes a great artist overnight. Follow these easy and compelling tips on how to seduce a man and get him thinking of nothing but you.


12 Your eyes are one of the things that a man is most likely going to notice about you.Eye contact is important when you are trying to get a man’s interest.

Many guys like to gaze into a woman’s eyes as soon as they meet her first time, even before they check out her cleavage.

The eyes can communicate without a single word. Make sure to look directly at him when he’s talking and also at other times when neither of you is speaking.

This may be tough, but the more you do it, the easier it will become.


When first meeting someone, most people access them visually.

If you’re trying to seduce a man, make sure you dress in a flattering fashion. This will help you in getting his attention.

Remember, confidence is key.

In the event that you don’t feel attractive, you won’t give the idea that route to a man. In case you’re more agreeable in jeans and tees than dresses, attempt attractive easygoing outfit instead of a night gown.

Whether you’re curvy or athletic, wearing clothes that look good on you is a great way to get a guy’s attention.


You should always find different ways to flirt when first meeting a man.

A little flirtation can go a long way in getting his interest.While I cover flirting in detail here.

Talking about the weather or something like that is only going to get you so far with a man.

When learning how to seduce a guy, try asking more personal questions and offer more intimate information in return when you’re speaking with him.


Our body language can show a man that you’re interested in him more so than anything you say.

Sit straight and do not lower chin. This makes you look confident.

Do not be afraid to use gentle touches. Touch his arm or shoulder. Place your hand on his knee.

Use your body language to your advantage while seducing him and let him know in no uncertain terms that you’re into him.


While seducing a guy, make sure to lightly touch him frequently in a subtle way. This is one of the most powerful tools you can use to seduce a guy.

Make sure when you physically touch him, it seems accidental.

If you’re not sure how to initiate physical contact, try offering a massage. Massaging a man’s scalp, back, shoulders can get him in the mood.


If you have his number, you can make it easier to seduce a guy with sexy text messages or snapchats.

Text him and let him know you’re thinking about him, or send him a pic of you chilling. This can help spark his imagination and get him going in your direction.


1_editedMen are attracted to confident women.

Everyone is insecure about themselves, but showing him that can have a negative impact on his attraction level towards you.

In fact, many men find confidence more attractive than physical beauty. Try to tell him a bit more assertive about your interests, goals, and ideas.

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