7 Major Reasons may cause your break up

Everybody wants someone special in their life.

But most of the time, some relationship has no meaning.

It feels great when you fall in love. but after some time, due to some reasons you don’t wanna be in a relationship with your partner. You don’t feel happy.

Here is the list of  7 reasons that causes break up :-

Trust issues

Often, one partner is continuously monitored by another partner. But, It could be harmful in the relationship.

Trust is required in every relationship. If there is no honesty in a relationship, then the relationships are inappropriate.



Don’t compare your relationship with anybody. Especially with your EX.

 Dramatical behavior

Most of the time, one partner behaves very dramatical with another.

Sometimes it looks cute and lovable, but some time partners don’t like such dramatic situations.

Mood swings

Mood swings are the main reason behind every fights in a relationship. You should try to avoid it.


 Lying to your partner

It’s okay to hide some normal things from a partner like smoking. However, continuous lying and hiding thing can have a bad effect on relationships.

 Demanding explanations at every time

Demanding explanations from your partner for every small-small thing can cause huge damage to the relationship.



Even if you are in a relation, everyone requires his/her’s ‘own persnal space’.

Avoiding giving personal space to your partner may damage your relationship. Give each other space.

Let your partner have time with other friends and family members and engage in hobbies, it will help them to refresh. It’s important for every person to have their own friends and interests that are enjoyed on their own.

I know you may want to spend every moment together during the beginning of the relationship, but respect each other enough to spend time apart too and you should know that time spent apart doesn’t mean anything negative for the relationship, this time help you to build strong foundation of your relationship .

If you are facing such issues and wanna overcome before it affect your relationship then read article about How to Build a Healthy Relationship

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